As a member of the NZDAA, you will recieve a free copy of the Demolition Guidlines as well as updates as required.

What is the difference between the ACOP and the BPG?? Please click here for info...

The Guidelines are available for purchase from the 23rd November 2011 at $250.00 + GST each

The Guidelines have been developed as a comprehensive and future proofed document covering all facets of deconstruction within New Zealand. This scope includes buildings pre 1980's ( as historically recoginsed within the industry) towards modern construction and design as demanded and dictated through recent events, including the Christchurch Earthquakes of September (2010) and February (2011).

Drawing on both extensive international experience and standards, but embracing kiwi expertise, professionalism and practices; this guideline has been developed for not only the deconstruction industry, but also consultants, architects, engineers, project managers, clients and any other entity or person involved in deconstruction within New Zealand.

Any updates or adendums to the Guideline will be notified and available free from this website.